Story number 1 for 12 Jan 2000

By January 12, 2000

We begin today’s newscast in Saudi Arabia where 15 Christians were arrested
for worshiping Christ in the privacy of their own homes. Terry Madison of Open
Doors Ministries says the arrests took place January 7th. Madison says this isn’t a
surprise for that Muslim nation. “They have, for a number of years, topped our biannual
world watch list where they list the most repressive countries in the world toward
Christian belief and toward believers. And, this event is an indication that they have not
changed that policy.” Five of those in custody are under 12. Madison says we need to
pray that God will use the remnant of Christians who are there. “It’s difficult to
suppress the Holy Spirit. And when people are in fellowship as the Christians in Saudi
are, you have to believe that the Lord is using them by the manner of life, the fruits of
the spirit and the other evidences of a transformed life that somehow the message gets

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