Story number 4 for 13 Jul 2001

By July 13, 2001

(Japan) — Meanwhile, the hit film Pearl Harbor is the thrust of a new evangelistic outreach in Japan. According to Bob Fetherlin of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, in partnership with Bible Literature International and others, they’re producing a tract that will tell the story of a Japanese officer and an American held prisoner in a Japanese prison. “The two men became a Christian actually had the chance to meet one another and it’s really only the love of Christ that could save and bring these two enemies together. And, that’s the story in the tract.” Fetherlin is praying this tract will help interest the Japanese people in the Gospel. “It’s been tough going in Japan as far as the work of missions and church planting. Our hope is that this will have an elevated interest in terms of drawing people into the story of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.”

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