Story number 5 for 13 Jul 2001

By July 13, 2001

(USA) — And finally, Assist Ministries is helping Christians stay connected with what God is doing through other believers around the world through a new web site. Assist Ministries’ Dan Wooding. “The idea, again is for the church to realize that we’re part of a world-wide family and there are extraordinary things that are happening in God’s world. We have stories from Russia. We have stories from Colombia. Stories from literally around the world. Also, if people would like to sign up with any of our pen pal programs to Russian, Taiwan or China they can also do that on the web site.” Wooding says this is another tool for Christians to be informed. “We think it’s important for Christians to understand the signs of the times. To realize what is happening and to also realize particularly in the United States how privileged we are to have our freedom.” You can find the web site at Assist-dash-Ministries-dot-com.

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