Story number 4 for 16 Jan 2001

By January 16, 2001

Meanwhile, a Bible distribution agency is giving new homeowners in Jamaica a new family Bible. Bibles for the World is partnering with Food for the Poor’s 2000 in 2000. That’s an effort to build 2000 homes in Jamaica at a cost of two-thousand dollars per home. Bibles of the World’s Rochunga Pudaite wants to place a Bible with each new home. “We were challenged that since Food for the Poor is building these 2,000 homes, could we provide a Bible, a family Bible for every home. With the occupation of the house they will also have the Bible that they can read daily.” Bibles for the World is raising 20-thousand dollars for the project. Pudaite says scripture can have an impact on these poor people. “Most of them have never really had a true commitment to Jesus Christ. To provide a Bible has got to be a tremendous thing. You never know how many people in the family who will be reading and what the word of God is going to do for them.”

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