Story number 4 for 18 Feb 2002

By February 18, 2002

(Dominican Republic)–Elsewhere, the impact of the church is being felt widely throughout the Caribbean. More specifically, Global Advance’s David Shibley says the testimony of grace and hope through Christ may be a key factor in social change there. “I believe the church, particularly in the Dominican Republic, is responsible for lifting the sights and ministering to human need, probably in a greater dimension than any other agency. Perhaps, even doing a better job than some of the government agencies in the Dominican Republic.” Shibley says a recent Frontline Shepherds’ Conference revealed another dimension of vision for the church in both Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. “The younger pastors and younger church leaders are very much committed to the Great Commission, to becoming a missionary force, seeing the Latin church throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean become a real missions force in the twenty-first century, particularly in the Islamic world.”

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