Story number 4 for 19 Jan 2001

By January 19, 2001

(USA) — Next, Royal Family Kids Camps is reaching out to a particular group of children. Royal Family’s Wayne Tesch explains. “Royal Family Kids Camps is a network of camps across America sponsored by local churches on behalf of abused, abandoned, and neglected children. We also provide incredible positive memories. But, besides that, we’re able to communicate God’s love to hurting children.” According to Tesch, there is a huge need for this kind of ministry. “There are 3-million children in America that come from this background of abuse. That are thrown up against walls, that are locked in closets, that hide under their beds at night in fear. And, this is a ministry that is reaching into the very heart of children.” Tesch says the biggest need right now is for churches and workers.

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