Story number 4 for 19 Sep 2002

By September 19, 2002

(International)–And finally, Global Advance says their recent International Summit for Church Leaders saw 35 key leaders from around the world unite to strategize on how best to fulfill the Great Commission. Global Advance’s David Shibley. “Many of the delegates have already personally suffered persecution. Some of them have been imprisoned for the Gospel. Many of them live under constant threats to themselves and to their families. It is something of a new norm for those who carry the Gospel courageously, particularly in certain areas of the world that they will live under persecution.” Shibley believes this summit was a milestone towards the completion of the Great Commission. The reason? It was delegate-driven. “I believe that this is a new paradigm for missions where we not only allow leaders from the developing world to be at the table, and speak into the situation, but literally lead and move toward fully indigenous status for the churches in their nation.” Each delegate was also given a CD Virtual Institute in their language, containing 100 hours of Bible training.

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