Story number 4 for 2003-08-20

By August 20, 2003

(USA)–Next, Children’s Bible Hour has expanded their ministry opportunity to reach children by way of the internet. Spokesman Dave Slayback, says that since so many young people have access to computers and the internet that it was a nature progression for them. “We created the CBH ministry website to reach just kids with our current materials but we created “King’s Call” and “The Greatest Gift” websites in order to reach kids with the Gospel.” Slayback says their goal has been to use creative, attractive and animated ways to reach children with the Gospel message. “There’s audio that they can listen to, there’s games they can play and it’s very attractive and high quality. We really are hoping that they will be touched by the Gospel. By the end, they realize what Jesus did for them.” So far, the reaction has been very positive with an increased number of children responding.

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