Story number 4 for 24 Jun 2002

By June 24, 2002

(Senegal)–Meanwhile, missionaries in West Africa now have a new tool to share the Gospel among the Wolof people. Audio Scripture Ministries of Holland, Michigan has put the New Testament on tape. Audio Scripture’s Tom Dudenhofer says this could have a huge impact on the more than three-million people who speak the language in Senegal. Using the audio has already begun. “We received a call from another mission organization who wanted us to supply them with some hand powered cassette players because they wanted to immediately begin to test these scriptures in the villages of the Wolof people. And, that’s the real power here. Because the people don’t read, they yet will be able to hear the word of God.” Dudenhofer says 150-dollars can help establish an Audio Scripture ministry in Senegal. “It goes into a local Christian who’s been given some training on how to use the equipment, and in some cases how to answer some basic questions, and they’ll carry the unit along with the tapes into a village, play it, and watch God work in the hearts of people.”

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