Story number 4 for 24 Mar 2000

By March 24, 2000

Meanwhile, the headlines are filled with stories about debt-from national to consumer debt, the concept of owing someone is not unusual. What’s disconcerting is how quickly that gets out of hand when priorities are off. Re-aligning priorities under God is what’s behind the ministry of New Focus National. Jenny Forner says they’re about ready to begin training, but training whom? “New Focus really helps churches and the people that they’re helping, because it gives them the infrastructure to be always open to people who have needs…and then, for the people that it’s helping, it not only helps them to receive something from the church, it also gives them a way to be able to give back.” One woman, whom we’ll call Judy, tells us how New Focus encouraged her family with the love of Christ. “No one wants to admit that they’ve gotten to a point where they need this kind of help. This program gave us hope when we didn’t see a way out…and this program brought us out and showed us what true Christianity is really about.”

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