Story number 4 for 26 Jul 2001

By July 26, 2001

(Brazil)–Meanwhile, as Brazil’s population nears the 200-million mark, the percentage of youth is also expected to rise. Currently, children under 15 make up 28-percent of the country’s population and that’s why Awana Clubs International is involved there. Awana’s Don Hampton. “Currently we have 98 clubs that are operating in local churches throughout the country of Brazil – four full time missionaries who work to help start clubs in local churches. They train the lay leadership in the church to run the program and teach them how to do evangelism with kids.” Hampton is hoping some of these young people catch the vision for outreach like a clubber in India did. “One of our full time missionaries in India first heard the Gospel in an Awana Club as a child. (He) grew up in Awana and ended up going to Bible College and became a missionary with Awana and is helping to plant Awana clubs in churches in his country.” Pray that Brazil will see similar results.

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