Story number 5 for 26 Jul 2001

By July 26, 2001

(International)–And finally, Operation Mobilization has begun the search for a vessel to replace one of the current OM ships. The mission agency’s ship ministry currently operates the M. V. DOULOS and M. V. LOGOS II and would like to replace the latter with a larger ship to expand ministry capabilities. O-M’s Lane Powell. “The last time this happened, it was forced on us, when the original LOGOS was shipwrecked in 1988. This is a new twist here, for us to size up what we have and decide that for future ministry we need to move forward by looking for another vessel.” Powell says looking for a new ship is a huge task and she asks people to pray. “What we would like to do is expand by having a ship that could accommodate 400 people, so right away we’ve doubled the number of missionaries, and we’d like to have facilities on board that would allow for larger programs.”

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