Story number 4 for 27 Nov 2002

By November 27, 2002

(Russia) — Meanwhile, shoes are allowing Christians to share the Gospel with orphans in Russia. Buckner Orphan Care International’s Amy Norton just returned from Russia where 40 people participated in their “shoe trip”. They delivered shoes to the orphanages, but they were allowed to do so much more. “We were actually allowed to do our vacation Bible school program and also we were able to get our follow up team, which goes in weekly and does evangelistic ministry. We were able to get permission for them to continue to go to some of these orphanages, which have never allowed us to have an evangelistic ministry before.” Norton says they collected 90-thousand shoes in 2002, but those will be gone by the end of the year. “We have to start all over again in 2003 in collecting shoes. And, we really hope that people will be committed to give this next year as they were last year. We’re really, really needing to collect more than we did the previous year.” Go to HelpOrphans-dot-org to help.

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