Story number 5 for 27 Nov 2002

By November 27, 2002

(International) — And, in the quarter century since The JESUS Film Project has been introduced, there have been questions from viewers about how the Old Testament relates to the New Testament. The JESUS Film Project’s Paul Eshelman says they now have a seven-minute introduction before the film that puts the timeline together. “From earth, the creation of man; we show man in the Garden as he rebels against God. He’s cast out of the Garden, and then we see Gods’ provision of the ram that would be the sacrifice for man’s sin, that would cover his sin until the lamb of God would come in sometime in the future.” Eshelman says prologue’s purpose is to get people to listen. “If there are things initially as the film gets started that seem to put people off from listening to the message, we hope that this introduction will [help them] say, ‘Well, I can accept that answer; I see what they’re saying there’, and they will then stay and will watch the film all the way through.”

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