Story number 4 for 28 Mar 2001

By March 28, 2001

(USA) — We focus on America next as Life Action Revival Ministries strives to see God give birth to genuine revival among His people, as well as a spiritual awakening among the lost. Special meetings have been taking place in Georgia. Life Action’s Tom Nesbitt says God is moving in the hearts of His people there. “We saw some excellent breakthroughs in the staff meeting. A couple of staff members weeping over certain situations in their life. One man came up to me with tears just dripping off his cheek and he said, I really have needed this.” Lane Johnson is leading special meetings in another church where one lady is praying for her husband’s salvation. “Ever night she’d come home and he’d ask, well, what did God teach you tonight. She would tell him and he’s getting a changed wife and one night he asked, well, what are they saying that I’m supposed to be doing? And, so she laid it all out how he was supposed to be the spiritual leader and head. And, he got pretty silent, but every night since then he’s still asking, what is God telling you?” Allowing her to share her faith openly with him.

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