Story number 4 for 28 Nov 2002

By November 28, 2002

(USA/China) — Next, pastors from China were in the United States recently encouraging American Christians to get involved in ministry in that country. Erik Burklin of China Partner hosted the pastors. Burklin says the visit was good for the pastors, but also for American Christians. “I think Christians here were very encouraged. They always hear about how closed and sometimes that things aren’t going so well with the advancement of the Gospel in China, and here they had case in point – some pastors sitting right there in front of them that were sharing with them what God is doing and allowing them to do as long as they’re working legally and within the system. And, that was an eye opener for them and very encouraging for them to see.” Burklin believes this trip will encourage Christians in the United States to take a more active roll in supporting evangelism in China.

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