Story number 4 for 8 Jul 2003

By July 8, 2003

(USA)–Next, a ministry reaching out to teens across North America is asking people to pray for their camping ministry. Young Life hosts Christian camps in 25 different locations in the U-S and Canada. Young Life’s Terry Swensen. “The absolute centerpiece of Young Life camping is sharing the Gospel to unchurched kids. That’s what the whole week is about. Every day there is a club meeting. It’s typically about an hour long. And, that is, of course, as part of a really exciting day.” According to Swensen their camping ministry is a bit different because they don’t send kids to camp. “We take kids to camp. And that means, kids are coming with a leader who has developed a relationship with them throughout the school year and who will be with them when they get home. so that they will be involved with a Bible study and discipleship opportunities after camp.”

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