Story number 4 for 9 Jan 2003

By January 9, 2003

(Russia)–Elsewhere, encouraging pastors and church leaders to follow their calling will be part of the focus of a series of Frontline Shepherd’s Conferences this month in both Russia and Ecuador. Global Advance’s David Shibley explains what they’re hoping for in the first round. “There’ll be two conferences this month in different areas of Russia. Those combined conferences should draw several hundred, if not even a couple thousand, pastors and church leaders.” Shibley says the timing is critical because: “This comes at a time when there are increasing restrictions on evangelicals in Russia. We believe that God is going to use these conferences, not only to encourage these pastors, many of whom are feeling the very heavy hand of government restriction, but also to challenge them again for evangelism and church planting.” Global Advance’s mission is to empower national church leaders to evangelize and disciple their own and surrounding nations.

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