Story number 5 for 12 Jun 2001

By June 12, 2001

(Ethiopia)–And, youth are receiving more evangelistic attention from the national church in Ethiopia. According to SIM Missionary Wilbur O’Donovan, Ethiopian culture gives little regard to young people. “This has a real negative spiritual impact because 60 to 70-percent of the population of the country is under 25 years old. So, we’re talking about as much as two-thirds the population or more who have little impact from the church and little outreach from the church.” O’Donovan says after realizing this, the Kala Heywet (KAL-eh HAY-wah) church changed their focus and they now have about 65 youth ministry coordinators throughout the country implementing youth outreach programs. “Things like sports outreach, the use of drama to reach young people together with evangelism. They’re considering building youth centers. This is perhaps one of the most significant positive steps forward that the church in Ethiopia has taken, in my opinion in probably 30 years.”

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