Story number 5 for 13 Sep 2000

By September 13, 2000

And finally, AMG International is getting into the Olympic fever. As the Opening Ceremonies are slated to get underway in Sydney, Australia on Friday, AMG’s Muriel Lovestrand explains how they’re involved. “We’re sending a team from Greece to minister especially to Greeks who come and also Greeks in Australia. One of the other things we’re doing to take advantage of the Olympics is, on Sunday the 17th, we’re going to place a sports-related ad in newspapers in major cities around the world. In response to that ad, the people will get a booklet. The Gospel is very clear in this booklet.” Lovestrand adds that this effort needs prayer: “…that the Holy Spirit will prepare hearts of those who should receive the Gospel message at that time, realizing that many of these people come from countries where the Gospel hasn’t penetrated.”

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