Story number 5 for 14 Nov 2000

By November 14, 2000

And, a former president of the American Red Cross recently praised International Aid for their efforts to meet the physical and spiritual needs of suffering people around the world. Elizabeth Dole focused on I-A’s Christian function. “We have been blessed to be a blessing. We’ve received, that we might give. And, the programs and ministry of International Aid are a wonderful way to give back.” As proof, Dole singled out I-A’s Kids Hope USA mentoring program. “I’ve found that gang leaders, kids involved in the most negative kind of behavior, their lives were turned around when one person stood up and said ‘I care about you. And let me tell you why you shouldn’t use drugs.’ And, to have that consistent partnership with a person who cares, makes all the difference in the world in turning these young lives around.” Dole was keynote speaker at I-A’s recent fundraising event. I-A is celebrating 20 years of reaching out in Jesus’ name to those in need around the world.

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