Story number 5 for 8 Apr 2003

By April 8, 2003

(South Africa) And, South Africa continues to see the benefits of growth with new country leadership. Brent Bartlett is director public relations for Trans World Radio Africa. He says new leadership might mean a break in the absence of Christian radio stations inside the country. Right now, the restrictions on broadcasting are stringent; yet leave the door open to introduce the Gospel. “You have to have news content, you have to have religious content, you have to have music content, sport content and community content on the radio.” Adding that they are running programming a few hours daily, Bartlett feels optimism about the changes and building on the foundation they’ve laid. “It’s a new government, it’s a new democracy, but I think the time will come when things will open up more than what they are now. In the meantime, an organization like Trans World Radio works through the community stations and helps fill that religious quota with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Ruth Bliss, Mission Network News, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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