Story number 5 for 8 Oct 2001

By October 8, 2001

(Siberia)–And, International Messengers is excitedly embarking on an outreach to Siberia. Messengers’ Alex Oehler (OH-lur) will be headed there next fall. He explains his purpose. “Our goal is to establish a youth work up there in Yakutia, which is part of Siberia. I think there is a big opportunity, and I think people are very open, especially among the youth.” Oehler says his team, like all those working with International Messengers, is committed to making disciples everywhere. They do this through partnering with local churches to train and mobilize believers for active involvement in reaching the world for Christ. He adds they have a lot of obstacles to overcome. “We still need the finances to do this, to go there. Then, the visa situation is very important. We need an invitation and we would want to have a year-time visa to stay there, a mission visa.”

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