Storyteller devices open new doors for the Gospel in Pakistan

By May 8, 2023

Pakistan (MNN) — Ranking number seven on the world watch list, Pakistan vehemently opposes Christianity. Yet, God is working miracles to offer Gospel hope through Keys for Kids Ministries‘ storytellers.

Anti-blasphemy laws make it incredibly difficult for Christians to gather in worship or share their faith at all in Pakistan. Insulting Islam or its prophet is punishable by death. Other laws punish lesser offenses with considerable jail time or fines. However, despite the oppression they face, Christians are being encouraged with the Gospel through Keys for Kids storyteller mp3 players.

Greg Yoder with Keys for Kids shared that their partners in Pakistan have distributed every one of the 3600 units they had previously loaded with devotions in the Urdu language. These have been greatly encouraging to Christians across Pakistan and even have opened opportunities for Gospel change.

Ayesha’s Story

One team was providing the storytellers to Christian families who work at brick making factories. They live onsite and work seven days a week. Whole families work, even underage children, to make between 1000 and 2000 bricks a day. This device provides joy and connection with other believers for these families. However, they weren’t the only ones listening to the team who distributed them.

A little girl named Ayesha saw the team distributing the storytellers. She asked the team if she could have one also. However, she comes from a Muslim family and because of the laws against proselytizing, they told her that she needed to bring back an adult or else their lives would be in danger.

Yoder shares, “She ran and grabbed her mother. Her mother came over and the FMI team basically told the mother was on it and shared the gospel. And she said, ‘Well, we can’t do this. We’re a Muslim family.’ The little girl would not take no for an answer. So now this Muslim family has a Keys for kids storyteller in their home!”

Heart Change in a Rebellious Boy

A few weeks later, the team was working in the northern area of Pakistan among Afghan refugees. They were able to give a unit to a kid who had a reputation as being rude and rebellious. A few days after listening to the storyteller his attitude began to change!

Yoder says, “His father, who was the village chief in this Muslim community wanted to know what was going on. He said, ‘Well, I’ve been listening to the stories about Jesus, and I believe in it!’ His father said, ‘Well, we have got to have more of these.’

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries)

“So just a few weeks ago, they were able to distribute 300 of these units to this Muslim village, because this village chief saw such a change in this young man’s life.”

These stories are occurring all over Pakistan. Yoder continues, “What’s amazing [is] many of these kids are memorizing the Keys for Kids stories, which at the end, include a Bible verse. So, they’re literally memorizing the stories that they’re telling their friends, because they don’t have necessarily have a storyteller, but sharing the Gospel as they do it. It’s amazing.”

More Storytellers Needed!

God is working, the FMI team is out of storytellers. They have said they could use about 2400 units every month. With each unit costing around $50, Keys for Kids needs increased support to meet this demand.

As Keys for Kids heads into a week-long push for fundraising, they are looking to raise about $60,000 for this program and for other international support. Every donation gets them closer to their goal and is matched, dollar for dollar during the campaign.

If you would like to help provide storytellers to spread the Gospel in Pakistan, please click here.

Yoder also asks the Church for prayer, “We can only pray that God would bind the hands of those that are trying to attack Christians. That he would deliver those that maybe even are in prison now and allow them to get out or even use that opportunity in prison to be able to share their faith in a very, very dark place.”


Header photo courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries.

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