Taiwan remarkably prepared, rescue efforts underway

By April 5, 2024
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Taiwan (MNN) — The 7.4-magnitude earthquake that struck Taiwan Wednesday has killed at least 10 people and injured more than 1,000.

Taiwan has a long history of quakes. Since the 7.7-magnitude earthquake in 1999 that left thousands dead, Taiwan instituted stronger building codes and improved its emergency response teams. This time, the death toll is low, but rescue efforts are urgent. Taiwan’s National Fire Association said Thursday more than 700 people remain stranded. 

Wikimedia Commons, Taiwan earthquake April 3, 2024, stock photo, Creative Commons

(April 3 earthquake damage at National Hualien Girls’ Senior High School. Official Photo by Shufu Liu / Office of the President courtesy of 總統府 via Wikimedia Commons: https://rb.gy/xbeqcy)

Joe Handley with A3 says, “Taiwan is one of those countries that’s well prepared for a disaster like this. However, this was the largest quake they’ve had in over 25 years.”

Relief work will continue for months ahead. More than 100 buildings have been damaged and many landslides have impacted the eastern side of the island.

“The churches I know are actively engaging with what’s happening. You know, in moments like this, Jesus shines,” Handley says. 

“The church in Taiwan is robust in many ways. (It) has had a strong presence in the country and has been very missionary-oriented for years.”

Handley asks the global Church to consider the long-term as we respond to this disaster.

“Right now you do have the immediate response needs that are happening. I encourage people to give now; give to those opportunities that they see to help the local church rally around their own people,” he says. 

“Pray for the local churches, and then think long-term. Don’t think just ‘now and then out.’ Think long-term: What impact does God have planned for Taiwan?”

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Header image is an Official Photo by Shufu Liu / Office of the President, courtesy of 總統府 via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons: https://rb.gy/hboi2o.

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