Teams look forward to loving the orphans at Christmas.

By December 15, 2005

Central Asia (MNN)–For Central Asian kids who have no mom or dad, it’s wonderful to know that they can have a Father in heaven who will always love them.

Next month, Bible Mission International teams will be taking both toys and the Gospel to children in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Gift Boxes being delivered contain a Children’s Bible, a t-shirt, warm socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, pencils and a notebook, instant chocolate drink, fruit tea, cookies, chocolate and other candies, and a stuffed animal.

Bible Mission’s Malcolm Smith says of their purpose, “We are hopefully going to be ministering to thousands of kids in orphanages that have not heard about Jesus before.”

But it boils down to what motivates them to reach these kids. Smith goes on to add, “The issue that we want to help children understand is WHY we celebrate Christmas. It’s great for them to get a package, but unless they ask the question about who gave the package and why they gave the package, anybody can do that.”

BMI teams make it a point to partner with local churches for these outreaches. In spite of persecution reports in some of the areas they’re working in, Smith says, “The churches in these regions where there is great opposition to the Gospel have not given up the vision to take the story that’s been entrusted to them to the least of them.”

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