Terrorist training isn’t stopping God’s word in Nigeria

By March 20, 2006

Nigeria (MNN) — Militant Muslims may be receiving training in northern Nigeria. According to reports, the Nigerian government recently announced that its intelligence agents had found that the northern state of Kano was seeking foreign support to train 100 jihadists among vigilante enforcers of sharia (Islamic law) called Hisbah. The state sought to train the militants in “intelligence” and the “practice of jihad” with the help of foreign Islamic governments.

Christians in Nigeria’s northern states, where sharia has been implemented, often complain of assault, harassment, intimidation and flagrant violation of the religious rights of Christians by the Hisbah. One Christian leader called this a “terror machine” in the hands of fanatical Islamic governments aimed at strangulating Christianity in northern Nigeria.

Despite the problems there, HCJB World Radio, together with partners In Touch Ministries, SIM and the Evangelical Church of West Africa, started airing weekly half-hour programs to Nigeria in the Igbo language in 2000. In 2003 weekly broadcasts were added in two additional languages, Yoruba and Hausa. HCJB World Radio also has helped with radio ministries in six cities with more in the planning stages.

Pray that God’s Word will infiltrate these terrorist training camps through the power of radio.

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