The Holy Spirit moves in Brazil

By August 1, 2022

Brazil (MNN) — Two years ago, World Missionary Press sent 6.4 million Scripture booklets to ministry partners through a project called “Blessings for Brazil.”

WMP Freight Coordinator Helen Williams says she’s been flooded with reports as the Holy Spirit changes hearts.

“The feedback is overwhelming in terms of excitement among our distributors down there. [They describe] new opportunities; one ministry set up regional distribution points with pastors sending 500 boxes at a time,” Williams says.

“There are places being reached that were not reached because of the lack of resources, such as these materials.”

(Graphic courtesy of World Missionary Press)

Some partners use Scripture booklets to reach troubled souls in the inner city. Others take them into the jungle to reach people in remote tribal villages. For “medical teams that do eyeglass [clinics], their reading charts are the Scripture booklets,” Williams says.

“In some of these areas, literacy is marginal. Many [partners] will take the booklets and teach the language, so their lesson plan is the Scripture booklet.”

While believers praise God for moving so powerfully in Brazil, they know He’s not finished yet. “I have six orders on my desk for Brazil,” Williams says.

“We are going to be printing eight million booklets to go out before the end of the year.”

Each donated dollar will print and ship 25 Scripture booklets. Help WMP send another eight million Scripture booklets to Brazil.



Header and story images courtesy of World Missionary Press.

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