The Israeli/Hezbollah conflict opening doors for evangelism

By July 18, 2006

Lebanon (MNN) — The renewed violence between Israel and Hezbollah has affected the work of Christians both negatively and positively.

E3 Partners Tom Doyle says on the negative side, “One leader’s house was blown up. Of course the believers in Beirut, a lot of them have been seeking refuge in bomb shelters and things like that. But, so far, none of the churches, none of the cell churches have been affected that we know of.”

While the bombs are frightening for those living there, it’s also providing more opportunities to share the Gospel, says Doyle. “Many people are so frustrated with religion and politics that they know that the only thing that’s going to solve it is God, so there is a great opening. A pastor that we work with in Lebanon just said that he’s finding lots of moderate Muslims that are open.”

According to Doyle, “It’s a vacuum for Christians to enter into and show the fruit of the spirit and the power of God in their lives and love those Muslims to Christ.”

Many are already reaching out, says Doyle. “They are evangelizing and church planting. Some of the people that we work with used to even be involved in Lebanese politics and the military and God has changed their lives. And, they believe the only solution to the on-going crisis is the Gospel.”

Your support for Lebanese pastors now through E3’s ‘Adopt a Pastor’ program could be significant. “This just helps spread the Gospel, get the materials there, get the trained leaders and let the believers there do the work of the church that needs to be done in Lebanon.”

Cost of the project is $30 month. Pray that many people will respond to this incredible need.

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