The need for Bibles in India is great

By October 20, 2006

India (MNN) — Thousands of people in India are turning to Christ despite increasing oppression by radicals. The majority of those turning to Christ are Dalits — the untouchables — the outcasts of Indian society. The number of new believers is out pacing the number of Bibles.

That’s why Bibles for the World is asking you to join the India Bible Club. For as little as $27 a month, you can reach 12 families with God’s Word every month. As you sponsor these Bibles, you’re giving Dalit believers the tools they need to do even more evangelistic work.

Bible For the World believes that Bible distribution is always the beginning of something great. Many times transformation happens not only to people, but to entire villages. Wherever the Bible goes, schools, churches, hospitals, water wells and other improvements follow.

You support can make an eternal difference in the lives of the unreached. Click here If you’d like to help Bibles for the World.

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