The young in Brazil are joining ministry full-time

By May 27, 2004

Brazil (MNN) — A ministry that’s focused in youth ministry is seeing many of their trainees going into full time service, especially in Brazil.

Teen Missions International operates five week boot camps that help prepare teens for short term missions outreach. They’re doing this in many countries around the world, including Brazil.

Teen Missoins’ Brazil Boot Camp Coordinator David Cochrane says the boot camps are acting as a spring board for young people to get involved in full time missions. Cochrane says, “The ones that are serious about serving the Lord in a full-time basis, we have this Bible school. It’s called, ‘Bible, Missions and Work Training.” We train them over a two year period and then on the third year they do an internship full-time with a mission or a church.”

Cochrane says “Rogeres” is just one example of someone who is going through the program. “One of our students has finished his two years in our Bible school and he’s the one that came from a really rough background of drugs and now he’s doing his internship in a little church there in town, but he’s carrying on Bibles studies out at the prison,” says Cochrane.

Funding is an issue right now, says Cochrane. “We’re limited to having only 15 young people come in. If we could get the support, we could be able to open the school for more young people. Brazilians are very series about wanting to get involved in missions.”

Teen Missions operates 18 of these training centers around the world. Cochrane says the goal for the entire program is simple. “To give them an opportunity while they’re in school to serve the Lord on a short term, but also to hook them and get the Lord to really touch their hearts about full time service.”

Similar programs are going on in the Unites States. Go to for more information.

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