Thousands of protestors confront police in troubled Oaxaca, Mexico.

By November 7, 2006

Mexico (MNN)–Thousands of protestors continue to pour into Oaxaca, Mexico, demanding the governor’s resignation.

The anti-government demonstration, now in its fifth month, has grown increasingly violent as the confrontation has expanded to include federal police.

The protests began in May when teachers from one of Mexico’s poorest states began a strike for better conditions. When police got involved in June, it was a match to tinder. Tensions escalated to violence. That led protestors to expand their demands to include the ouster of Oaxaca Governor Ulises Ruiz.

Ruiz is accused of rigging the 2004 election that brought him to power. He is accused of authoritarianism and corruption, but refuses to resign.

Audio Scripture Ministries’ Chad VandenBosch says lawlessness has increased and that’s a concern. “The town has been (almost) under siege. Our studio is located outside of the city, about 40 minutes away, so the work in our studio is not being affected, but we’re having problems getting people into the studio to do the recordings because of the blockades and armed gunmen, and that kind of thing.”

VandenBosch says Oaxaca’s situation has actually helped the ASM team with their distribution. “Because of that protest, they’re all in one place where we can reach them. It’s an avenue for us to get the resources into places where these resources have never been before, to get the Scriptures in places where they’ve never been before because a lot of these places are closed to Christian witness.”

He urges prayer for groups like the Zapoteco of the Yalalag language group. A translation has just been completed and is ready for distribution. Praise God and pray for those who will receive this recording in their own heart language.

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