Tidal wave clobbers India, thousands die

By December 28, 2004

Asia (MNN) — India was hit hard by the earthquake induced tsunami.

The work of Mission India of Grand Rapids, Michigan was affected. Mission India’s David DeGroot says, “Literacy centers were hit. Some of our students are missing in three areas in this placed (called) Pondicherry. In Andhre Predesh, a little further up the coast, we’ve got confirmation of one church washed away and another church either washed away or damaged.” He says it’s too early to know all the damage.

While the death toll is incredible, DeGroot says we may never know all those who have been killed because poor people build in flood prone areas. “They have a great life for a couple of years, three or four years, maybe. And, then comes a typhoon or in this case a tsunami and their gone. Many of them are undocumented. Often the government doesn’t even know how many have been lost.”

As many people mourn the loss of loved ones, missionaries are mourning their souls. DeGroot says only two-percent of the population are known to be Christians. “What makes it even more tragic in these flood prone areas is these are people who are searching. We’re getting out there as best we can. If we could just have gotten some workers out there, these would be people who would be led to Christ. But, we’re just restricted by resources.”

Mission India says the tsunami hit areas where 40-percent of their work is located. They’re sending donations into their partner ministries located in Hyderabad, away from the devastation. You can help by providing funding to rebuild homes, help with health care and others needs. Send your checks to: Mission India, P.O. Box 141312, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49515. You can also call them at (877) 644-6342 or give on-line at http://www.MissionIndia.org.

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