Touching the lives of children in China

By March 29, 2004

China (MNN) — Open Doors USA is committed to providing 1 million pieces of children’s literature to China in 2004, including children’s Bibles, Sunday School materials and song books. It is part of an Open Door commitment to provide over 3 million Bibles and other Christian resources for the suffering brothers and sisters in China.

Many Sunday School teachers and distributors face great risks. In many parts of China, youths are not allowed access to religious teaching of any kind and are taught in school that God does not exist. Anyone caught teaching Christianity to youth can face fines and imprisionment. However, despite the difficulties, Open Doors has learned that Sunday Schools are thriving throughout the country.
Because most women teaching children’s Sunday School didn’t attend as children, they are in need of material and how to teach.

It is estimated that China’s population includes 500 million youth who are under 18-years-old. Those interested in helping to get material for these children can contact 1-888-5-BIBLE-5 or go to the USA web site at

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