Breaking the cycle of poverty in Haiti.

By March 29, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–The struggle for life, already challenging in flood-prone and resource-starved Haiti, became more so in the days following political uprising.

More than 300 people died in the rebellion, which ended when Jean Bertrande Aristide fled February 29, but the toll could mount in the aftermath. The revolt ended with the ouster of the island nation’s president, but the siege was just beginning.

The people have gone for weeks without clean drinking water, electricity, food and basic health care for treatable diseases. Food For The Poor’s Angel Aloma says they have re-doubled their efforts. “The feeding program is open. We are distributing food all over the island. We’re sending shipments to Cap Haitian directly, and to Port Au Prince so that we’re covering both the north areas and the south areas and then from the south and the north we send to the middle areas.”

Aloma says the need is so great, they’ve launched a new partnership with the World Food Program. For their teams, its done in the name of ministry. “We’re going to be putting up feeding centers in the worst slum areas of the city because we really can’t disappoint the people and their faith in God’s goodness. We have to be God’s arms and feet, and really, we have to be representatives of His love.”

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