Training for ministry leaders unites hearts under one purpose

By August 23, 2007

(MNN) — The Oasis Training Center
in Prampram, Ghana is having an impact on
cooperation and unity. Ambrose
Brennan of Oasis International says many of their students are pastors of different churches, now
networking throughout the region. 

The impetus: a community health clinic. It's exciting to see the church leaders
beginning to take ownership of the project. "We had partnered with Rotarian
International before and were able to get an ambulance for the clinic, but it
was always 'outside' help. We thought
it'd be better if we could rally support amongst the community and the
churches here, and that way we could foster a real spirit of unity and
cooperation." Pastors are committed to
cooperative fund-raising projects which foster harmony amongst the church bodies.
Churches scheduled a cleanup date on
September 8 to prepare the grounds for the clinic.

What's significant about this cooperation, notes Brennan, is
that if the churches work together, they can pool resources and finances and
see much more accomplished. He says
history shows that when the different denominations came together to pray and focus on a central project, revival happened. 

A Christmas parade also came as the result of the
networking. This is the second year it
will be held. Brennan explains that this
year, they're trying to include more churches to present a unified body of
Christ to the community and increase evangelism. All proceeds during the event
will go toward finishing the recovery ward of the Prampram health clinic.

Brennan says their example paved the way for evangelism
later. "Jesus can bring people together of all different types of
backgrounds, all different kinds of nationalities, and illustrate the fact that
there really is one church and one body of Christ working together."


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