“Tribute to Unknown God” draws thousands at Olympics

By August 18, 2004

Greece (MNN) — Nearly 2,000 years ago, in the book of Acts, Paul traveled to Greece and told the people of Athens about their ‘unknown’ god. He told them about the Gospel and explained to them that they could know this “unknown god.” In honor of that, FLAME 2004 held a “Tribute to the Unknown God” rally in Athens as part of their Olympic Games outreach.

AMG International is part of the FLAME 2004 outreach. AMG’s Fotis Romeos says many people visited the event. “The total number that we were able to ministry to is estimated at more than 10,000 people. We had the opportunity to present them with music, different artistic events, but the most important (thing was) we had the testimony of great people of God,” says Romeos.

Many people came to Christ as a result of the outreach. Romeos says so far the campaign has gone above and beyond expectations. “We never had such a meeting in any place of Greece. (This was the) greatest gathering for (a) Christian cause, ever (to take) place in Greece.”

The Olympics outreach is just beginning. Romeos is excited about the potential for evangelism. “We have a great number of Greeks coming from all over Greece, but also I was able to locate people from Asia, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq. I located people from South America, Africa, Eastern Europe. Practically we have the world in our yard,” says Romeos.

Pray for the various teams fanning out across the city of Athens and the country as ministry continues. Pray for those who receive a copy of God’s word or the JESUS Video that they’ll come to Christ as they read and listen.

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