Trip winner selected

By April 15, 2010

USA (MNN) — Kids Alive International says they have a winner! Last month, Mission Network News and Kids Alive gave you an opportunity to enter to win an all-expenses-paid Kids Alive Vacation with a Purpose trip for two to Guatemala.

This year's winner? Ron Nealeigh from Nebraska. We asked him why he signed up. "I heard you on the news broadcast, and you mentioned it a couple days. I love going on missions trips and serving different places and serving when I can. I thought, 'Well, I never win anything; why invest the time to do it?' Then I decided, to go ahead and put my name in for a chance to go over and serve someplace. That would be a great opportunity."

Nealeigh is an active member of his church missions program. He will be taking his wife, Ellen, on the trip. "She's been to Canada, but she hasn't been to South America or Central America, so this will be a quite a trip for her."

Kids Alive reflects the love of Christ by rescuing orphans and vulnerable children, nurturing them with quality holistic care and sharing with them the transforming power of Jesus Christ so they are enabled to give hope to others. Kids Alive works in Guatemala and 16 other nations.

This is the second year in a row that Kids Alive has given away a vacation with a purpose. Pray that God will use this trip in the Nealeigh family to increase their passion for missions not only in their own lives, but in their church fellowship as well.

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