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Published on 14 October, 2010

TWR celebrates a milestone

Monaco (MNN) — A radio ministry is celebrating an incredible milestone.

Fifty years ago this week, Trans World Radio aired its first program from a 100,000-watt shortwave transmitter in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The transmitter was housed in a building ordered and built by Adolf Hitler during World War II to broadcast Nazi propaganda. Never used for its original purpose, TWR now utilizes the facility to transmit the Good News of Jesus Christ to millions of listeners daily throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Today, programs from Monte Carlo are aired in 16 languages, including Arabic, English, French, Hungarian, Kabyle, Romanian and Tamazight, among others. Broadcasts originally began airing on October 16, 1960, from one shortwave transmitter, but now programming is beamed from multiple shortwave and high-powered AM facilities.

"Sometimes God turns the efforts of evil men into vehicles for His work in the world," says TWR President Lauren Libby. "God provided TWR a huge voice to speak in Jesus' name at a strategic time in history. Today, TWR's programs from Monte Carlo still bring hope and encouragement to millions."

"TWR's involvement in Monte Carlo is the story and evidence of a great God performing miracles through people considering the financing, the protection of the facility and the operation," says Felix Widmer, TWR's international director for Europe, CIS and the Middle East. "The reactions to the broadcasts continue to be the story of God speaking into lives of people, inviting them into a personal relationship with Him and in doing so changing them."

If you'd like to help TWR continue proclaiming the message of the Gospel in Monte Carlo and beyond, click here.

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