U-S Evangelist wraps up 2006 campaign

By October 27, 2006

USA (MNN) — Thousands heard the Gospel and thousands more received leadership training in 2006 through the ministry of Sammy Tippit. They have ended their 2006 travel season and are now reflecting on God’s blessing.

Evangelist Sammy Tippit says, “Every place we just had tremendous response. There is a harvest. We just saw thousands come to Christ.”

Tippit traveled to 10 countries this year, including countries that are closed to the Gospel. But, evangelism wasn’t the only thing he did. Pastoral and leadership training was also a focus. “We’ve been doing this, especially with leaders in what we call difficult countries,” says Tippit. “Ministering to people in nations where Christians are persecuted severely (and) go to prison for their faith. We were with one organization where they have had 11 people in the past who have been killed for their faith.”

He’s also providing similar website programming in various languages. “I was in places like China and India filming for webcasts that we’re doing. We’ve actually developed a website for Chinese,” Tippit says.

He’s also taping programming that’s translated into Persian that’s seeing people come to Christ and into a deeper relationship with Christ. Tippit says it’s having an impact not only in Iran. “Our broadcast spans all of Europe and the Middle East. And one of the interesting things that has happened is that there is a church that has started in Belgium as a result of our television broadcast. I haven’t been in Belgium, but a church has been started with Persian believers.”

As Tippit looks to 2007, he’s excited to see what God is doing. “In the darkest and most dangerous places is where we’re seeing the rising movement of God’s Spirit and people coming to Christ.”

Tippit will continue what he’s doing next year, but he’s incredibly excited about a program that could have an impact on families literally around the world. We’ll have that announcement first right here on Mission Network News.

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