Ugandan rebels interfere with ministry potential

By January 29, 2004

Uganda (MNN)–For 18 years, a familiar scene has repeated itself in northern Uganda. Hours after nightfall and without any warning, rebels march into a village, round everyone up, loot food and burn the village down.

Horrific stories of the human ravages force thousands to flee as the Lord’s Resistance Army approaches. But just behind the terror, the victim’s eyes say they are tired of the scenario.

Northern Uganda’s war is spearheaded by a bizarre cult that wants to topple the government of President Yoweri Museveni and rule the country according to the Biblical Ten Commandments.

Unfortunately, the rebel ideals and the true Gospel are years apart. Janet Phillips is with the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee,/a>. She says the continued skirmishes by the LRA and the government are interfering with ministry plans.

In fact, one of their main obstacles comes from the insecurities.. “Because of the deteriorating security situation and the inability of the military to provide adequate security for all of the different NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) that require it, our convoy that was scheduled now didn’t take place.”

The other problem, she continues, is the constant warfare scatters people. That makes it increasingly difficult for discipleship and mentoring. “Many of the activities that we’ve been involved in have had to come to a complete stop, and even some of the things that we’ve been able to accomplish have been completely undone, because of the Lord’s Resistance Army creating so much insecurity and then also abducting people and burning houses, and stealing cattle, and things like that.”

They ask believers to pray for understanding to increase where ignorance or limited knowledge prevails. Pray that justice and peace rise above oppressions and strife, and that Christ’s witness be seen in each of the team members, through their lives, words, and actions.

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