UN report says Myanmar violated human rights laws

By July 3, 2023

Myanmar (MNN) — A new United Nations report blames Myanmar’s junta for blocking aid to Cyclone Mocha survivors.

Even when aid workers can gain access, the military strictly limits the workers’ ability to help people. The report states:

Aiming in part at cutting off support for its opponents, the military has employed its four-cuts strategy to kill and injure thousands of civilians while destroying goods and infrastructure necessary for survival, including food, shelter, and medical centers.

One of the biggest tropical storms on record, Cyclone Mocha, wiped out entire villages in May.

“The need is desperate. There were thousands of homes damaged, millions of people affected,” AMG International’s Brian Dennett says.

Even if foreign aid workers cannot reach people in need, local Christians can. AMG partners with churches throughout Myanmar to help survivors. More about that here.

A few days ago, “they were able to trek into the disaster area, bring food, water supplies, and other necessary things for these poor people,” Dennett says.

“They are telling us that no aid has made it in.”

A local church partner praying over a family in need after delivering supplies provided through AMG International.
(Photo courtesy of AMG International)

Believers deliver the Gospel along with relief supplies. Those who already follow Christ receive spiritual encouragement. “Many of those [displaced people] are believers we are in close contact with – pastors, ministers, and other Christian families,” Dennett says.

Send help and hope through AMG here.

AMG partners “want to provide temporary shelter [and] tarps for over 1,000 families in the coming days, and drinking water,” Dennett says.

“There is very little clean drinking water, so people are getting sick.”

Ask the Lord to meet believers’ needs so they can continue to help Cyclone Mocha survivors. The newest World Bank outlook describes a system “scarred” by the military takeover in 2021.

“The junta is not looking for (outside) support,” Dennett says.

“They have deepened their relations with Russia and China, who have been supplying them with military equipment. With that equipment, they’ve continued bombings and air strikes; it is just terrible.”

Local partners tell AMG the junta has carried out more than 350 airstrikes to date, torching 42,000 homes and 223 villages. Pray for an immediate end to violence in Myanmar.



Header image depicts Cyclone Mocha damages. (Photo courtesy of AMG International)