US radio stations are gearing up to raise Bibles for Nigeria

By September 20, 2005

Nigeria (MNN) — As Muslim-Christian violence continues in Nigeria, Christian radio stations in the U-S are gearing up to help share God’s word there. Scott Curtis is with MNN affiliate WGNB in West Michigan. He just returned from a trip to Nigeria with the Bible League to discover the need.

Curtis says, “The need is great. For instance, one person says, ‘I have been a Christian for six or seven years and yet, I don’t have a copy of the Bible of my own. We had another pastor tell us, ‘I have 200 people in one church; only four or five have Bibles.’ We had another gentleman said, ‘If I had a million Bibles I could give them all away.'”

Curtis says thousands of Christians have been forced to leave their homes in parts of Nigeria, where Sharia (Islamic) law dominates the culture. However, a few have remained. “These people who remained behind have suffered a great deal for Christ. And yet, they want to remain in this area. They say they don’t hold any bitterness toward these Muslims, in fact they say they love them and want to share the Gospel of Christ with them.”

Curtis says God’s Word is the only thing that can end Muslim attacks on Christians and that’s why Moody Broadcasting will be raising money to purchase Bibles. “(The Bible League) has put together a great package to purchase these Bibles inexpensively and I believe there’s a four month turnaround to get the Bibles purchased, printed and back to the field where they’re needed.”

According to Curtis, “There’s also curiosity among the Muslims there about the Bible. And, many of them who do read it, find themselves accepting Christ as their Savior, of course at their own great peril.”

Go to to find out when a Moody radio station will be raising money to purchase Bibles for the Nigerian people.

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