Used materials are resourcing the global church.

By March 22, 2006

International (MNN)–Between prohibitive costs and availability, there are many church leaders around the world who are ill-equipped for ministry.

Christian Resources International’s Fred Palmerton says they ship materials to meet that need. But, the other side of the success story is: “We’re really in a shortfall. We sent out over 350,000 pounds of material last year, so it’s left us kind of on a slow start this year. I think the better job we do, the more people find out about it, word of mouth, and it just grows and grows and grows.”

Palmerton says that they’re looking for materials to fill out pastoral libraries. They’re also getting requests for Spanish literature that they can’t fill. “Pray that God supplies our needs, both material as well as finances. Also, it’s a great opportunity for churches nationwide to get involved, and do Bible and book drives for us.”

To give a picture of the reach of CRI, in 2005, they answered more than 1300 requests for assistance from individuals, and sent out almost 1000 11-pound bundles of resource materials.

To do that, 6656 volunteer hours were given to CRI, with church groups coming and helping them sort and pack books and get them ready for shipping.

Crates were sent out to seminaries, churches and missionaries bearing new and used commentaries, Bibles, VBS materias, books and other helpful tools for ministry.

If you’d like more information, contact CRI via their information listed below.

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