Venezuela’s media crackdown raises concerns for ministry

By June 1, 2007

(MNN) — Thousands of protesters marched in Venezuela this week over President
Hugo Chavez's decision to silence opposition media. Earlier this week, the government took Radio
Caracas Televisión off the air by refusing to renew the broadcast license for
the private television.

International outcry has been growing, and the Brazilian
Senate plenary session endorsed an exhortation calling for reopening of
Caracas-based private television station RCTV. Even as Chavez defended his decision, he took aim at yet another
station, Globovision. It's one of the
few channels that is still harshly anti-government, and Chavez accuses the
station of encouraging attempts on his life.

Trans World Radio's Jim Munger says, "Chavez has been
pretty clear, from the beginning, what his direction is. He continues to fill
out the details.There's no question that he is Socialist with a Marxist
interpretation. He has stated that openly, and that's the direction he's going
with the government." 

Under the umbrella of Socialism, what  would he then consider an anti-government
message?  Would the Gospel message TWR
broadcasts make them a target? Munger
says he spoke with their office in Venezuela with those

Currently, their stations and ministry are operating without
hindrance. Given the tension in the
region, though, Munger urges prayer. "I think we need to pray that God
would be glorified through everything that happens there, that God would give
wisdom to the church leaders, and that they would know how to live and minister in
a context that's difficult."

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