Veteran connects with Warriors Set Free through MNN

By July 24, 2023

USA (MNN) — Every time you listen to MNN on the radio, you hear the same call to action – find your place in the story. One Florida man named Walter did just that.

“He’s an amazing veteran, loves Jesus, and we had a great weekend together,” says Warriors Set Free Director Steve Prince. Warriors Set Free is a veterans-focused division of Set Free Ministries.

After hearing a Warriors Set Free story on MNN, Walter took action. He reached out and said, “‘Let’s go, man, how do I get involved?!’” Prince recalls.

“We happened to have an opening on our ministry weekend, and he filled that spot; I got to meet Walter in person,” Prince continues.

“It was cool to see how Mission Network News connected us with one more veteran to build the Kingdom with.”

Warriors Set Free doesn’t have a physical office in Florida yet, so for now, Walter will “be in a volunteer status; we can train him to do freedom appointments virtually. I can be on a Zoom call with him, and we can pour into one other veteran for the day,” Prince says.

“He’s going to be a part of our team. We just don’t know how God’s going to lay that out yet.”

Warriors Set Free is a ministry run by veterans for veterans. More about that here. During the ministry’s expansion to Georgia last year, God put some potential plans into action that could drastically further Warriors Set Free’s reach.

“At some point, we might need to hire more people like Walter in other states as the budget and the demand increase,” Prince says.

Now it’s your turn… will you pray, give, or go? Find your place in the story!

“If they (readers) feel led, they can have a small part in [the mission of] Warriors Set Free, wherever they’re from. We have potential volunteers nationwide who we will train and teach to do what we do,” Prince says.

Contact Warriors Set Free here to learn more.




Walter took the Lord’s words from James 1 to heart: “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” (Photo courtesy of Zac Cain/Unsplash)