Vietnam seeing Gospel fruit after Franklin Graham festival

By December 7, 2023

Vietnam (MNN) — In Vietnam, pastors and Christian leaders are often limited to preaching the Bible to fellow Christians. But recently, a ministry partnership and God’s favor opened the door to reach thousands of Vietnamese who don’t know Jesus.

Pastor Luke with A3 says in Vietnam, “It depends on the relationship between the church and the local authorities. If they have a good relationship, the authority will open a little bit the door for them to do religious activities.”

Spring Love Festival in Vietnam (Photo courtesy of A3/Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

In March this year, Franklin Graham was given permission by Vietnam government officials to preach at an open-air event called Spring Love Festival in Ho Chi Minh City. Previously, this type of event was only allowed around Easter and Christmas.

Over 42,000 people attended the event. A3’s Pastor Luke had the opportunity to translate Graham’s message during the event, communicating the Gospel to many non-believers in his own country.

“After the two days of evangelism, there have been about 4,500 people who opened their hearts to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.”

As the groundwork was laid, these faithful Christian workers and ministry partners planted Gospel seeds that are now bearing fruit.

Pastor Luke says, “We connected [the new believers] to the local churches and we did follow up. We got about 92% of those who accepted Jesus Christ to come to the church so that we could teach them the Bible. So that’s a good resource that we got from the evangelism event.”

Spring Love Festival in Vietnam (Photo courtesy of A3/Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

Praise God for the Gospel’s impact in Vietnam!

Also, Pastor Luke asks, “Please pray for us so the Church just will unite together, and we will partner together to do evangelism and share the Gospel to the people.”

Another event is already planned for 2024. Pray that the Holy Spirit would begin softening more hearts across Vietnam to hear and respond to God’s Word.

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Header photo of Spring Love Festival in Vietnam. (Photo courtesy of A3/Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

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