Violence continues in Pakistan despite TTP ceasefire

By June 15, 2022

Pakistan (MNN) — The Pakistani Taliban (TTP) has announced an indefinite ceasefire with Islamabad. The deal could allow TTP fighters to establish their own emirate in Pakistan.

The TTP wants to establish Sharia law, similar to what the Taliban in Afghanistan has done.

Nehemiah says FMI partners on the ground have seen no evidence of a ceasefire, as attacks continue daily. “The Pakistani government is not involved in the ceasefire negotiation. Only the Pakistani military is involved. And it gives the impression that the authorities in Pakistan have surrendered themselves to the Taliban.”


FMI works heavily in TTP-controlled areas, especially near the border with Afghanistan.

But Nehemiah says radical influence has reached Pakistani cities as well. “We have seen several times that Pakistan enforcement agencies have arrested TTP recruiters from the universities. They also found many recruiters from ISIS at the universities.”

Nehemiah says these two organizations often work together in Pakistan. “When the Taliban took control in Afghanistan, their soldiers started to detach themselves from the Afghan Taliban to join the TPP and ISIS-K in Pakistan. They have joint ventures together and they’re working together. They’re attacking almost everybody in Pakistan.”

Ask God to strengthen FMI partners as they work in these areas. Pray their faithfulness would point others to Jesus.



The header image shows the TTP flag. (Header photo courtesy of ArnoldPlaton, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)