Violence in Israel brings Christians together

By May 26, 2004

Israel (MNN) — As Israelis begin their withdrawal of Rafah, in the Southern part of the Gaza Strip, many people are looking for answers. They’re looking for answers that can only be found in Jesus Christ. And, according to E3 Partners Tom Doyle people are discovering that Christ is providing all the answers they need.

Doyle says the interesting thing is that the uncertainty is bonding the Messianic Jewish Church and the Palestinian Church. He says, “Because of the pressure on both sides, God has allowed this to cause them to cling together. We’ve just seen tremendous unity like we’ve never seen before among Palestinian believers and Messianic believers to the point of Palestinian pastors preaching in Jewish Messianic pastors going to Palestinian churches. And, there’s just a sweet spirit there in the midst of all the terrible things going on the church is really coming together.”

The great thing is the church is growing. Doyle says, “We know about 20 years ago, there were 4 Messianic churches in Israel. Now there’s over 200. Same thing in the Palestinian areas. There’s a brand new church in Bethlehem that just started a year ago that has over 300 people.” Doyle says people are getting saved. Muslims and Jews are very open to the Gospel.

Doyle says the Evangecube is an effective tool churches are using to help them tell the story of Christ. “We go into churches and train them to share the Gospel with the Evangecube. It’s a picture puzzle that unfolds the Gospel of Christ. And we’ll train several different churches and then challenge each person to share with two people a week.”

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