Violence in Saudi Arabia and Israel threatens ministry

By June 22, 2004

Undated (MNN) — Saudi Arabia and Israel. These are countries that are in the news regularly, and mission leaders are asking Christians to pray.

E3 Partners Tom Doyle says believers in Saudi Arabia are very much undercover. “They’re not allowed in Mecca or Medina, but we do know that believers are throughout the country and even some underground churches. Mecca has to be the worse city in the world to be a believer. You are automatically beheaded on Tuesday morning in the city square if you’re a believer,” says Doyle.

EvangeCube is receiving e-mail from people who have dreamed about Christ or have miraculously found a Bible and are now Christians.

Doyle also says Palestinian areas of Israel threaten Christians. He says terrorist groups expect to form a new government in the Gaza Strip. Doyle says, “That is going to be a terrorist lead government and (a) very dangerous area to be. But, there (are) believers there and we really need to lift up the church there in Gaza.”

EvangeCube International is doing quality work in these areas. Doyle says, “Despite what we see on the news, people are open and people are interested. And, we have seen numerous salvations, so really where it’s the darkest the light can shine the brightest. And, a great way to share the Gospel is just with something that’s easily understood like the EvangeCube.”

The number of EvangeCube evangelists is growing in these areas. While, not everyone’s called to go, Doyle says, “I believe everyone has to be involved. We are seeing unprecedented salvations among Arabs and Jews in the Middle East.”

For $6, you can send an EvangeCube to a believer, challenging them to share the Gospel with two people a week. This outreach is having an incredible impact on the kingdom. You can support the ministry by go to their web site

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